PedigreePoint is a web based pedigree report generator. Use PedigreePoint (PedPoint) software to put your database on the web so others can search and display pedigrees and other reports pertaining to an entry. Typically you would use a desktop application to maintain your pedigree database then, when you're ready, publish any updates to the MySQL database used by PedPoint so users of your web site can see it. An sample of the pedigree view is shown below. It shows how PedPoint can disply photos and also what we call marks which are the solid blocks of color in some of the cells. These can be used to indicate that an entry has for example some genetic defect. You can find out more about Marks here.

PedigreePoint is produced by Wild Systems - check out our main web site

PedigreePoint uses MySQL which is a relational database, whereas some similar systems, e.g. Alfirin, use text files. Alfirin works well for smaller databases but if you have a larger database or you want to offer more advanced reports then PedigreePoint may suit you.

PedigreePoint is free of charge for private non-commercial use. Its written in PHP and you get the source code so it can be easily adapted to individual needs such as displaying different fields or modifying or creating new reports.

If you would like to see how it works then just - Search a database! On the search page simply enter a search string and click on the Search button. This will return a matching list of names in the database. Clicking on a report such as pedigree or breeding next to a name will display the report for that entry. For examples of what is possible with PedigreePoint technology see this list of sites using PedigreePoint.

There is a support group which you can join at:

PedigreePoint is still evolving and we plan to add more features and reports. We have now released V5.0 which includes trial matings.




The software and this web site is written and maintained by Wild Systems, an Australian company. We also supply pedigree software, BreedMate and Pedigree Publisher which provides functions for exporting data to PedigreePoint. If you would like a copy of the latest installer for PedPoint then email us at