How to Upload PedigreePoint data

There are two ways you can publish data using Pedigree Publisher. In both cases you will use the "TOOLS-Export to PedigreePoint" menu command.

To transfer your pedigree data to the web site, both methods require these initial steps:

The remaining steps will depend on whether you are using method 1 or 2.

Notes on export expression

The "expression" used in the PedPoint export dialog is a standard Pedigree Publisher expression for exporting. It is by default set correctly for the normal PedigreePoint, pedigree table schema. You can add more fields but you need to update the schema so the expression matches it.

The expression consists of normal characters (which are output as is) and special escape characters that begin with a percent, and field identifiers which are simple the name of a field in square brackets [ ]. The escape characters are as follows:

The fields in the normal "pedigree" table in MySQL are as follows with the field size in parens:

`Name` (64)
`Sex` (1)
`PreTitle` (32)
`PostTitle` (32)
`RegNo` (64)
`Color` (64)
`Photo` (64)

The expression must match these 12 fields which means it must have 12 expressions separated by commas. Text fields must be enclosed in single quotes . The size of the exported field, if its a string (IDs and DOB are not strings), should not exceed the field sizes mentioned in the list above in parens.

You can include multiple fields from your database into a single MySQL field. Lets say that part of my expression was '[Field1]'. I could replace this with '[Field1] [Field2]', which would have the effect of combining those two fields.

A typical expression to use would be:
%2, '[Name]', %3, %4, '[Sex]', '[DOB%1]', '[Titles]', '[Obedience]', '[Reg No.]', '[Colour]', '[Photo]', %7

Method 1 - direct transfer

The additional steps for Method 1 are as follows:

Method 2 - indirect transfer

Method 2 is a lot more complicated and the only reason you would use it is if Method 1 doesn't work for some reason. The additional steps for Method 2 are as follows: