How to Upload PedigreePoint data - direct transfer method

(1) Create data files

To transfer your pedigree data to the web site, start Pedigree Explorer then use the Tools-Export PedigreePoint command. The following dialog appears:

You can safely ignore any fields in the "Export to file" portion of the dialog. You do however need to set the "Table Name" (usually to pedigree). "Section size" can be ignored. The URL will be as shown if you are exporting to or set it to the URL of your web site but with "Lite/pp_loader.php" added to the end (or Pro/pp_loader.php). You will also need to set the Password to the password which was set in the $szLoaderPassword parameter in the pp_config.php file.

The last step is to press the "Export To Web" button which will then begin directly transferring data to your web site.

The "Expression" is a standard PedigreeExplorer expression for exporting. It is set correctly for the normal PedigreePoint, pedigree table schema. You can add more fields but you need to update the schema so the expression matches it.